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Ethical Declaration

While engaging to achieve commercial success, we commit to do so responsibly, based on ethical principles that we hold important. For that we openly convey the ideas on which we ground our professional conduct, to serve as rules which T3K- Forensics’ (Hereinafter: T3K) current and future employees and management, investors, T3K-Forensics’ clients, distributors and partners must always be mindful of.


Living up to the spirit of our commitment to honest and ethical business practice

T3K commits to moral standards in all our operations everywhere in the world, embracing the responsibility, integrity and accountability for our actions in our business relationships. T3K shall always pertain to its ethical values, even when confronted by personal, professional and social risks, as well as economic pressures.

T3K dedicates to the main customer group that are law enforcement, intelligence and other security agencies. T3K technology supports the enforcement of the rule of law and assists in ensuring quality and efficiency in enforcing criminal justice. T3K research and development work are focused on solutions in the security sector. T3K technology is generally available to any governmental body, agency or institution, for purpose for which it was developed. T3K technology is unbiased and engineered so that allows support of inspectional and investigative work of law enforcement and similar authorities.

T3K shall never allow unduly influence of any authority nor shall follow any unethical instructions by any of its clients, and in that regard pertains to its right to decline services to such entities and keeps right to decline to indulge such requests. With the best efforts and safe procedures put in place, T3K cannot 100% guarantee that users will not take an advantage of the technology. T3K actively and objectively evaluates the use of its technology to the extent possible and shall, without any delay act in order to prevent and interrupt any potential misuse of T3K technology. If T3K comes in the possession of information that make ground for reasonable suspicion that customer or a partner do not comply with this Ethic Declaration, standing laws and broadly adopted business ethics, T3K shall without any delay, end the professional engagement and refrain from providing services for that customer or partner in future.  

Respect for employees and diversity

T3K believes in equal opportunities for everyone and everywhere. T3K’s work environment is designed to create personalized workstyles and nourish well-being of employees. At T3K personal dignity is respected and individual development is encouraged.

T3K has zero tolerance for harassment, and T3K shall never allow treatment of intimidation, discrimination, and disrespect of employees, agents, and external associates, nor shall delay acting in order to address potential abuse or violation of working and safety standards.

Respect for partners and clients

T3K values open economy and trade regulations. T3K’s legal framework and processes do not use vague or misleading legal language. T3K shares common interest with its competitors, partners and clients, to build a trustworthy industry sector through an ethical business conduct and business practice that respect anti-corruption, anti-bribery, anti- money laundering laws and laws and regulations governing export and import of goods and services.

T3K acknowledges and values valid differences in opinion and takes into the account cultural diversity, diversity of different legal traditions and customs and variation in the level of social consent to ethics standards that may apply in business relationships with its partners and clients. Withstanding that, T3K shall never engage in professional relationships, provide services or act so that its actions, products or services could directly, indirectly or consequently diminish human rights, freedoms and human dignity [1], incur violation of laws, social injustice or discriminate on any internationally protected ground.

Consistency of our work

T3K shall engage its best efforts to ensure quality and integrity of the work and research of its employees and agents. T3K shall be independent, impartial and just in delivery of its solutions and services. T3K will create and follow processes, and aim to achieve results, that most rational and respected persons would call just and nonarbitrary.

T3K will be open and direct in its communication, as candid as possible and will be sharing information, as appropriate to the different relationships. T3K will not say things that are false. T3K will never deliberately mislead.

T3K will go to great lengths to keep its commitments. T3K will not make promises that can't be kept, unless at the moment of making the promise it was objectively and reasonably to conclude that promise can be kept.

T3K shall always enforce internal procedures to avoid, and deal with potential conflicts of interest.

T3K shall always maintain its digital ecosystem to be safe and sustain, preserving accessibility of information and confidentiality of data.


In order to maintain our dedication to above declared moral views, we shall lodge our greatest efforts to keep our actions and decisions always to the letter. Still, we observe this Declaration as an ever-evolving document that we shall try to enrich when and where possible and needed, so that our business conduct is always shaped by the best-fitting ethical guiding standards.


T3K- Forensics Chief Executive Officer

Felix Klier



[1]  As set out in the international and EU legal documents to which the Republic of Austria is signatory.

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