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Professional-grade, touchless fingerprint capture

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The App

Reinventing Fingerprint Capturing

Developed in conjunction with:

Touchless & Smartphone-based

BIOCAPTURE is an innovative, award-winning SDK (Software Development Kit) developed by T3K.AI for both Android & iOS designed to bring professional-grade fingerprint capture capabilities to commodity smartphones. With the power of this cutting-edge solution, your smartphone's camera becomes a powerful tool for capturing high-quality fingerprints, opening up a world of possibilities for law enforcement agencies, security professionals, and beyond.



Vienna, Austria

BIOCAPTURE utilises standard smartphone cameras making it truly mobile. It is easy to use and saves costs on hardware, software and training. As a touchless solution there is no debris and no hygiene issues. Further notable features include:

Automatic ID-based calibration

Calibration can be performed using any standard ISO ID-1 card (national ID, credit card). This allows even more phone models to be used as capture devices.

Compatible & Agnostic

BIOCAPTURE is not limited to proprietary components or specific setups – it is agnostic to existing infrastructures and components and allows flexible integration and compatibility.

Data Output Formats

WSQ, JPEG 2000, Custom Bitmap Format, NIST Type 14 output formats.

AFIS Integration

BIOCAPTURE has been tested against common FP matcher and AFIS databases. Support of 500 and 1000dpi output images (1000dpi depending on hardware performance and camera).

How the SDK Works



The SDK scans for fingertips. The AI and machine learning built into BIOCAPTURE automatically excludes objects that are not fingerprints.


Detection and Verification of Prints

BIOCAPTURE instantly captures the presented fingerprints, and with built-in liveness detection you can then decide to save, enroll or verify the prints.


Results Displayed

Prints are verified/identified against existing AFIS records. You can also save the prints for later processing or enroll them in an AFIS database (incl. identity data).

Process_Step_3_screen (3).png
About Us

Technical Requirements

Modest Requirements. Maximum Efficiency.

Android Smartphones:

  • Android 7.0 (API Level 24) or higher

  • 4 Core CPU, ARM64-v8a (8 Core recommended)

  • 4Gb RAM (6Gb recommended )

  • Minimum 6MP+ back camera

  • LED Light

  • Auto-Focus capable

Apple iPhone:

  • iPhone 7 and newer

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